Transforming organisations, one leader at a time.

We partner with growing companies, helping them scale and evolve by connecting them with exceptional People, Operations and Marketing leaders. 

We have built a network of super talented CPO’s, CMO’s, COO’s and Chiefs of Staff within VC backed businesses from Series A to IPO, as well as within PE-backed companies. 

Our process is extremely selective, and we only work with the best. We assess talent based on impact. 

We hire at C-Suite, VP, Director and Head-Of level.

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Track Record

8 weeks average time to hire

6:1 interview to hire ratio

100% of searches delivered successfully

100% of candidates passed probation

35% of candidates placed are from diverse background

£15,223 donated to Charity


Experience is the smallest part of what makes a good leader. We care more about Impact, EQ, Approach and Ambition, and this forms the basis of our assessment. We delve deep into strengths & development areas, and reference all of our candidates before introducing them to our clients. We are passionate about nailing the right fit.

Our process delivers quality at speed. We are agile and iterative, and we will work with you to build a tailored brief, assessment framework and timeline, ensuring the process is fast, collaborative, efficient and robust.

We aren’t afraid to say what we think, and equally, we want to be challenged.



We explore how candidates have added value commercially and culturally in previous roles. We focus on the “why” behind their answers, how they’ve taken a business from A to B and how they tell their story through data.



We assess candidates resiliency and connection, their ability to build relationships and handle challenge. We delve deep into their relationships with leaders, direct reports and peers, to understand where they have had to really influence to succeed and impact change.



We interrogate style, approach and values to ensure alignment. We are careful to strike the right balance between alignment and challenge, and between culture fit and culture add.



We dive deep into motivations to test whether candidates have the right level of ambition, passion, motivation and energy for your business stage. It's important we find candidates at the right point in their career journey to have maximum impact.


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Penny Daniels

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